Grab your letter wand and prove that you're ready to be a spelling champion.

Original 7DRL Version featured here

Spellgeon features a mix of word game and spatial strategic combat. Use spells and items as you navigate the dungeon by spelling words from your letter wand to move or attack your foes.

The game feels strongly like a traditional roguelike while rewarding careful thought on what words you can, and should, spell. Managing your hunger- spelling shorter words drains your stamina- is a satisfying motivator. The abilities and items cover good ground and support the core resource management and the enemies may not have a variety of skills, but they feel different due to what words they are able to spell.

Controls Quick Reference

a-zEnter Letter
spaceSwap typing direction
backspaceDelete last letter
enterPlay word
.Wait (gain 1 letter, costs 1 hunger)
Proceeds to next floor if all enemies are defeated


  • Defeating all enemies will collect items on the floor and you can use wait (.) to proceed directly to the next level
  • Enemies only spell starting from the words in their name, but may only use partial letters when attacking you. 
    • A rat tar can only use the words "rat" and "tar" to move
    • whelp may use your T to spell "whet", a sprite may use your Y to spell "spy". However a sprite cannot use your C to spell "cite", enemies must always start with their own word.

Playing Words

Spellgeon follows the pattern of other word placement games, but if you do not have experience with them here are the rules:

  • You may play any number of letters in a straight vertical or horizontal line. The letters must all connect, but may use existing letters to do so. There can be no empty gaps between letters you play in a turn.
  • Any tiles that touch must form a valid word read from top to bottom or left to right.
  • You word must spell a word with your existing tiles unless you have been granted "Free Entry".
  • You may spell multiple words in a single turn by building off an existing word.
    • You can add an S to THING to spell THINGS. You can also spell SOUP to spell both THINGS and SOUP.
    • With the word FANGS you may play OTHER to spell "SO" and "OTHER".

Created for the 2022 7 Day Roguelike Jam


  • Why is this word in the dictionary?

Spellgeon is currently using a very permissive word list that includes some non-dictionary words, including some common abbreviations. I've pruned what I could but for now you will occasionally see some surprising words.

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