You've awaken and your surroundings have changed daramatically. You remember leaving, but not arriving, yet here you are. How long have you been here, can you even find what you are looking for? You know you must battle your way to atonement, but is anyone even listening? Fear not the darkness, and trust the strength of light.

A short traditional roguelike for 7DRL 2021. Pieux features an emphasis on melee combat and striking a balance between offense and defense.

Combat Survival Guide

  • Use your Flask of Restoration (u) liberally. If you run out of charges, head back to the shrine to rest and try again, your flask will be refilled.
  • Shield can be used by making them your active attack (using 1 or 2, or 2 hand wielding a shield). When moving into enemies with a shield you will block *all* attacks for the turn, taking reduced damage. You will lose stamina per strength of the attack blocked, but if your shield is strong enough and you have enough stamina you can stagger your opponents with a block.
  • Be careful of being surrounded. Multiple attacks are a surefire way to lose your poise and take heavy damage. Using a shield attack to block can help in these situations.
  • Keep an eye on your XP/Level (top left) and make sure you spend your skill points. Don't know what you want? Just wait! You can still gain experience while you decide.
  • Sprinting (Shift Move) is a great way to close in on enemies that are skittish and stay away. Just make sure you like where you end up and mind your stamina.
  • You, and enemies, cannot attack from low ground to high ground. Use this to your advantage to get free hits on monsters below.

3/30 Post 7DRL patch 3

* Made a fix for Door to Nowhere (hopefully)

3/16 Post 7DRL patch 2

* Fixed k & l keys being swapped for movement in hjkl scheme.

3/15 Post 7DRL patch 1

* Fixed hard crash if near a gap in the wall that leads out of bounds.  Didn't fix the gap being there, and I don't recommend wandering out, but the game won't crash and ruin your run.

7DRL Original build (crashes and all):

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, ascii, Roguelike
Average sessionA few minutes


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Cool implementation of a DS-like combat system, I really like the 1 vs 2 hand decision making.  I was really mowing down enemies once I realized I had to confirm the equipment changes xD. I did have 1 minor bug in the Drop Item menu where the highlight & description was 1 item above the cursor.  It still dropped the item the cursor was on, it just wasnt possible to view the description of the last item in that menu.  Also it wasnt a big deal because of their placement, but shrines visually look very similar to walls.

Great game! Yet i wonder whether there would be a downloadable file... try to download the github repo, only to get a bunch of "Failed to execute 'texImage2D' on 'WebGL2RenderingContext': The image element contains cross-origin data, and may not be loaded." errors. QAQ

You won't be able to just open the page in a browser and have it run, you would need to serve the page using a simple http server to host the files.

I'll take a look at bundling up an executable that's runnable on desktop.

I've so much to learn from a UI/UX point of view from this! Great variety of weapon/armour/stats/enemy and the levels are very nicely generated [loved that you can change height only in some place].

Too bad we had to meet at the 7drl celebration to find out about this game! But no surprise you got second place!


Gorgeous game! Wanted to highlight it on my channel:

This is a very pretty game. I love the effect of a fading dot behind moving creatures and the player. Very smooth to play and I enjoy many control options like this. There is one minor bug where the drop menu seems to highlight the wrong item, but its minor since the > points to the correct item.

Some times game generates deadlocks...

Just wanted to say thanks for the bug report and I am looking into it, but don't have a fix or cause yet.

Hey, this was a very nice game! I finished it. I also found some unaccusable areas and once I found a door to black room, and as I walked in I lost control over my character, at first I thought it was secret but I think I just walked out of map. Didn't took a screenshot sadly.

Thanks for the feedback! The mapgen bugs have been tricky for me, but I think I nailed down the "door to nowhere" issue. It may have also been responsible for inaccessible areas. Newest version hopefully fixes those issues.

Nice game, it feels like there is a lot of depth and complexity in here.  The UI looks good and is fairly intuitive to get around.  I like that the levels are small here, it helps keep it feeling focused. The ability to look around is really cool.

The different floor levels had me puzzled for a little while but once I got it it was no problem to nagivate around.  Im not sure I know how to use attack/defense correctly so could have used a little hand-holding for that aspect.  Perhaps reducing the number of enemies/items at the beginning would give me time to explore the mechanics with less pressure?

Nice entry overall, i'll keep playing and figuring it out :)

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Thanks for playing and the nice words!

There's a Flask of Restoration you start with and is restored every time you rest at a shrine _, but the UI doesn't lead you to use it that well. If you missed it, that should help a lot on the first floor to get your bearings. You can also return to a shrine and rest to change the map and find a more favorable path, but I agree sometimes the initial spawns are a little intense.