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Post-7DRL versions of B-line will be available here:

This version will remain as-is to preserve the 7DRL entry.

Really cool game! Dungeon rankers was paid so this was the next best thing

I dont like Ascii Format much but im starting to understand it a little better!

also i have an idea for this game

- An difficulty section

 (H)ard difficulty (200 players)

 (N)ormal Difficulty (100 Players)

 (E)asy Difficulty (50 Players)

 - And Also can we have names? Cause the names are just numbers

  I would like some Names like


  And Some exaggerated ones like


  You know like those

 We need a way to continue the game In case someone wants to see who   wins

Some cool daily events would be cool Like Some might have a faster ring 

Or collect stuff with infinate respawns

a zombie mode where you and a group of 4 try to fight zombies and other playes

Speaking of groups of 4 can we have squads or duos Or solo slection?

or 8's If you want!

i found a glitch in the game the ring engulf all of the game instantly and it just passed the first wave

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Man, you really should evolve it from 7DRL to a full roguelike. I love the idea behind it, and the game was ULTIMATELY fun! From suggestions:

- Add some kind of animation for shooting, so it's more understandable when AI shot you, or hit you.

- I never missed when shot something, and NPC never missed me. Add a miss chance, please.

- It will be more classic to have 100 participants instead of 200.

- Reduce medkit gen chance. It's really frequent when medkits are generated and you can abuse them to heal your hp fully.

- Add grenades, and maybe, some other kind of weapons?

- Make "level of weapons" like there's level of shields. Instead of just SMG, for example, make ak-47, scar-l, etc. that will have different effects.

- Improve mapgen. Seriously, these corridors don't look so good. It would be cool to have something pubg-like with fields with some cover, villages, and big cities!

That's all needed to turn this game into full-fledged PUBG-rl. Thank you for this work, and I'm really waiting for your other game, and even more, for developing this game in a full one!

Thanks for the great feedback! A new Mapgen and animation support are my top 2 priorities right now before I move on to flesh out the gameplay some more. So hopefully it won't take too long to have something a bit more in depth to play with.

NO! A fortnite RL! 

Just kidding do whatever you want man!


Congratulations, you tricked me into enjoying a Battle Royal game! Had a blast with this one. The energy system works really well, and the void looks awesome. Bit hard to tell what's going on when you're getting shot at. Maybe some Cogmind-style animations could help? 

I made it to the final 10 but there was nobody else in the eye of the storm with me. Waited around for a while, but nobody arrived or died. 

Strange! Enemies should take damage from the void so it must be some sort of bug (clearly), sorry to have your run stopped short because of that :(.

I'd *love* animations, it was basically the next priority on my list of things to do when I hit up against the deadline. I just didn't have any pre-existing code or support for them coming into the jam and couldn't manage it in time. Kind of unfortunate because it really would improve the legibility of the game a ton.

This is great! Once I figured out the way energy worked and what actions could be combined into one turn, I realized how elegant system it is. I like how you can carefully sidestep and dance around your enemies, even though it can be a bit cumbersome when you only have to run down a corridor.

I also thought that the Void will be an instakill, so I was pleasantly surprised it only slowly drains health. I eventually hoarded some medikits and camped out in the Void for a short time as the rest of the players in the last room exhausted their ammo and I could then finish them without the risk of getting shot at from multiple people. :)

It's fun, polished, the Void looks really cool and the energy system is interesting. It's rather easy if you play carefully, but could become much harder if you don't find any weapon near the start and have to survive unarmed.

Thanks for the great feedback! I'm definitely hoping to make an addition version that fixes some of the issues you bring up. The difficulty is interesting, I had gone in expecting the end game to be more intense as the enemy density increased and the play area shrunk, but it ended up almost the exact opposite where the beginning is very hectic until you can horde some resources and get a weapon.

For moving down corridors you can use SHIFT+WASD or SHIFT+HJKL to move 1 tile & end your turn instantly, but I think I'll need to come up with some more ideas on making movement feel fluid with the energy system.


The end-game definitely looks intense with a huge crowd of enemies in a small space, and it would be much harder if more of them had weapons. In my experience, they were mostly unarmed, with several knife and bat users, and precious few actually dangerous people with firearms. All the enemies are quite adept at killing each other, so if you can manage to hang back for a bit, they do most of the work for you. But of course, that's the point of battle royale. :)

Maybe if you spawned several guns in the centre of the map, so that there would be more guaranteed gunslingers in the end-game?

For the movement, maybe you could add some switch between planned and auto moves? With auto moves on, you would automatically execute and end your turn whenever you would have too few energy for another action, so it would feel like going around in any other roguelike. You could then switch to planned moves in dangerous situations.